quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2011

International city, Petrolina, Brazil

Now, Petrolina is an international town. Ibis Hotel in Petrolina since May 2011.

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Corrado disse...

So far, 109 R$ (50 Euro approx, diaria semana), is not cheap at all!
I'm using IBIS allover Europe and I paid, this year, 66 Euro in Berlin (Germany), 60 Euro in Karlsruhe (Germany), 60 Euro in Vasteras (Sweden), 65 Euro in Orleans (France), 69 Euro in Antwerpen (Belgium) ... there is one north of Milano for 69 Euro, all of them breakfast included.
But in Europe, expecially in France, you can stay in reasonable quality hotels for much less.
In France, for example, I normally use B&B, Etap, Kryad for no more than 50 Euros.
My understanding is that Brazil, even towns such as Petrolina, is changing to become really "international".